Weave Community Director, Jen Marrs shares about her life with 3 boys!

Subject today: Being a Boy Mom

My Backstory: I grew up with three brothers, no sisters. Totally cool with it, scored my own room and never had to partake in the hand-me-down game. I got married, boom-busted out three boys of my own…


10 Telling Signs you might be a Boy Mom

1. You have over 2 dozen baseball hats roaming in your home

2. You can’t finish a nice family dinner without playing a round of “anything for a buck”

3. You are the only one capable in the house at finding that item ex: their shoes

4. You don’t own an iron

5. Your car smells like ass-sweat 24-7 365

6. You have fished out a lego lodged in either an ear or nose

7. You have sat on boy pee more times then you care to share

8. You have been shot point blank in the forehead with a nerf dart

9. You have stepped on paintball bb’s while taking out the trash

10. You have looked into hiring a referee for the wrestle mania matches

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE being a Boy Mom…Don’t sweat the small stuff Embrace it

Have fun




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