We’re always on the hunt for new apps to download and try.  Photo apps top of list of must haves, I myself have at least 15 photo apps on my phone! We asked our bloggers what photo apps they can’t live without and this is what they said…

5 Photo Apps to Download Today


1. Rhonna Designs and Rhonna Designs MagicNaptime is my Time and grr fiesty all rave about these apps for photo editing/overlays/texts and more. You can even make blog and instagram graphics with the Rhonna Designs app using one of the pre-made backgrounds along with all the amazing overlays and text options. {available for both iphone and android}


2. Afterlight: Our friends, Pollinate Media, shared their love for Afterlight, you can read more about it here. This photo editing app is a go-to for our team as well as many of our bloggers, including Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams, Living La Vida Holoka, and Sincerely, Luara.  {available for both iphone and android}


3. No Crop: Don’t you hate it when you snap and amazing pic, go to upload it to Instagram and realize it doesn’t look good as a square image?? Us too!! No Crop helps you share you image, in it’s full size, on Instagram! Thanks for the app recommendation Three Different Directions.


4. Beautiful Mess: This is another fun app for adding overlays, text, and borders to your photos.   Living La Vida Holoka and grr fiesty  love to use the ABM app to add a bit of fun to their photos. We think the overlays and text options on this app make it look like you drew fun doodles all over your pics!  {available for both iphone and android}


5. Snapseed: This is a photo editing app, lots of cool capabilities. Used by One Simple Thing, Casey Palmer, and Man Tripping. {available for both iphone and android}

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