Time management is something I often struggle with. I have weeks where my time management game is killer and I’m crossing things off my to-do list left and right and I feel like I could take over the world.  Then there are weeks where I feel lucky if I get 2 things crossed off my to-do list.  I’m working on being more consistent with my days as I feel this really helps with time management.  Here are 5 tips to help you get better at time management.

5 Tips for Better Time Managementphoto credit

1. Prep the night before.  Don’t waste time thinking about what to wear, what the kids should wear, what to eat for breakfast or pack for lunch. Do this all the night before so you aren’t trying to make a ton of “not super important” decisions first thing in the morning. Having everyone’s clothes laid out the night before {I know some parents who get all their kids outfits ready for the week every Sunday night} can save you from trying to find socks when you need to be out the door. I also love to get my coffee ready for the next day. My husband and I drink a bit too much coffee each day to use our Keurig so we still have an old school coffee maker.  We get everything ready and a timer set so the coffee is hot and ready when we wake up.

2. Create a morning routine. In addition to prepping the night before having a routine set up in the morning will save you a lot of time and means you don’t waste time thinking about what to do next.  Figure out what works for you and do it every day. Maybe you get up, get a workout in, get the kids up, drink coffee, feed them and get them out the door to school. Consistency every morning will help you make your days more efficient.

3. Segment your days. If you can, pick a day where you get all your writing done, or a day when you run all of your errands.  They say so much time is lost when you try to transition from one task to the next.  If you can make 1 day a week when you get your solid, deep writing done you will know those are your days to not check email, not schedule calls etc.  I also find that when I segment my days I know how to tackle the day.

4. End each work day making your to-do list for the next day. This helps me so when I walk out of my home office I am not thinking about tomorrow’s tasks.  I’ve already written them down and they are ready for me to tackle the next day.

5. Meal plan.  Some weeks I am really good at this and some weeks I suck at it.  But the weeks where I have plan for dinner each night I don’t waste time trying figure out what to make.  Days where I can get dinner in the crock-pot before I start working, those nights are my favorite because it’s like I have an extra hour in my day to enjoy time with my family!

Do you have any tried and true time management tips that help you?

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