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Lunch meat is no longer just for sandwiches! Our bloggers have created some delicious and healthy snacks, lunch meals, breakfasts and even dinners using Hillshire Farm Naturals® Black Forest Ham and/or Honey Roasted Ham.

Forget grabbing bread! Think waffle sandwiches, sushi rolls and DIY Lunchables.  These recipes will have you and your family thinking up new ways to use Hillshire Farm Naturals lunch meat.

We love that their Naturals lunch meats are 100% Natural, 100% Delicious and now 100% Guaranteed.

  • No artificial ingredients (minimally processed), preservatives, or colors
  • No added nitrates/nitrites. *Except for those naturally occurring in the celery juice powder
  • 97% FAT FREE
  • Gluten Free

Hillshire Farm® is offering a “Love It or We’ll Eat It” Guarantee for those who try the product. They will donate a lunch to someone in need if you “Love it” or provide a rebate.

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