Are you a someone who goes all out for each holiday? It seems once you have kids the little holidays like St. Patrick’s Day seem bit more fun. Doing things like making green pancakes or green milk, they love it! We’ve found 7 fun and delicious St. Patrick’s Day treats for both kiddos and adults! You’re welcome!

7 Delicious St. Patrick's Day Treats

Is this dessert, dinner, or lunch? Maybe all three! We bet your kiddos will love this Shamrock Fruit Pizza!


Do you or your kids love puppy chow? This St. Patrick’s Day puppy chow is perfect to make with your young kiddos and then enjoy while watching a movie!


Celebrating St. Patty’s Day doesn’t have to be a big extravagant celebration, we think doing something small like baking a fun dessert can be all you need to do.  These no bake mint chocolate chip shamrock cheesecake’s would be so fun for the family on the 17th! Make dinner on Tuesday night extra fun!


Make these St. Patrick’s Day ombre cupcakes the weekend before and enjoy these all week! We could all use a pot of gold after this crazy winter!


While it’s fun to celebrate with kid themed treats, we can’t forget to give ourselves a bit of St. Patrick’s Day deliciousness too! This Irish cream brownie milkshake is ADULTS only! Perfect for after you’ve put the kiddos to bed! Maybe whip one up and binge watch of House of Cards.


If you can’t get enough Irish cream, try these Chocolate Irish Cream cupcakes! I would run 5 miles a day to eat one of these every night and go to bed happy!

irish cream cupcakes_titlevia

And finally we had to include these shamrock marshmallows because 1. they are so dang cute and 2. we’re drinking all the hot cocoa we can get our hands on because this winter is rough! {some nights we might add a little extra adult liquid to our hot cocoa!}


How are you planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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