When it comes to surviving the holidays we can take all the tips we can get.  We polled our male bloggers and asked them a variety of questions about how they survive the holidays.  These guys are full of amazing holiday survival tips and some amazing holiday recipes, hello Maple Bacon Bourbon Bark! So whether you need tips for traveling this holiday season with your kids or you’re looking for a new recipe to try, our guys have you covered!

p.s. These guys have the shopping tips on lock down, they know how to get a good deal and save time!

A Guy's Survival Guide to the Holidaysimage credit: 1 & 2

shopping tips1. James from Man Tripping: Buy early and avoid the last min rush though it is sorta fun to go to the mall on Christmas Eve and people watch to do the last min stuff.

2. Daniel from Fit To Be Dad: We find a lot of deals on Amazon but also just thinking ahead to what we know we’re going to want to purchase, and when we see an random deal or sale on said item, we pick it up.

3. Peter from Feed Your Soul Too: My wife and daughter have mastered Rue La la. Otherwise, it is Sur La Table and Kohl’s the day after Christmas for cooking needs.

4.Christian from Daddylibrium.com: Shop Amazon.com early — by mid-December many of the prices will be going up as products start to fly off the shelves. If you must have that big ticket item for the holidays and you missed Black Friday, wait for those juicy, after Christmas sales. You could save serious coin on that flat screen you’ve been dreaming about all year.

winter break1.  Daniel from Fit To Be Dad: Any way we can! Advent calendars, games, opportunities to earn extra cash by doing extra chores, holiday cookie baking, etc.

2. Scott from Grillin Fools: We do the Angel tree every year, but those are turned in before the kids are off. We like to have everyone put their jammies on, even the adults and climb into bed right after dinner for Christmas movies.

3. Adam from Tenor Dad: Our advent calendar is probably our favorite holiday tradition!

holiday travel1. Daniel from Fit To Be Dad: Any family that we have to travel to see live anywhere from 2 to 10 hours away by car, so charged-up tablets and electronics, headphones, books, and music are always a must.

2. Scott from Grillin Fools: Honestly, we forgo the iPads/DVD’s/Games for those short to medium road trips. Let them see America and use their own imaginations rather than have a video game do it for them. Longer trips (more than a half day) we’ll bust out the DVD player.

3. Christian from Daddylibrium.com: My wife and I came up with a series of distractions to keep our kids occupied on long plane rides.

holiday recipes1. James from Man Tripping: Maple Bacon Bourbon Bark!


2. Scott from Grillin Fools: I always grill my turkey in one of those oil-less deep fryers. Makes a MEAN turkey with no risk for that pesky house fire or having to drop $45 for three gallons of peanut oil.

I also like to do a holiday ham both at Thanksgiving to go along with the turkey but is also great for Christmas. Obviously this is also done on the grill. Saves room in the oven for sides and pies! Of course I slather my ham with honey, wine and pineapple before applying that sultry smoke from the grill.


3. Peter from Feed Your Soul Too: The kids always request Mac N Cheese and Chicken Milanese {grown up chicken fingers!}.


4. Adam from Tenor Dad: For the holidays, at least in my house, it is all about the cookies! We make lots of cookies every year, from cornflake wreaths to caramel bars, and my kids love to help! In fact, my daughter will teach you how to make cornflake wreaths!

5. Christian from Daddylibrium.com: Time is of the essence around the holidays, so my quick-fix homemade pizzas always hit the spot.

 6. Chris from Shared Appetite: Cookie Butter-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies: Cookie butter is stuffed into a brown butter + cream cheese enhanced chocolate chip cookie and then sprinkled with sea salt for that addictive salty-sweet combo.  Indulgent. Creative.  And slightly habit-forming.


We hope these tips help you have the best holiday season ever!

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