Hello Monday! We hope you all are feeling refreshed after your weekend. Today we have a fun post written by one of our Project Managers, Deidre Emme’s husband. It is always interesting hearing how the men in our life view our blogging job right? So without further ado please enjoy this little number by Adam…”The Husband of a Blogger”

Being the husband of a blogger is an experience I never thought I would have. When I began dating Deidre, my exposure to the life of a blogger began step-by-step, blog post by blog post. I would assist in taking pictures of outfits and activities that Deidre had done. After we got married, in addition to signing a marriage certificate, I also signed a lifelong commitment to one of the scarcest breeds of men…the Husband of a Blogger.


In addition to the normal manly activities that men take part in, the husband of a blogger takes part in many other weekly activities. The experiences, life and benefits of being the husband of a blogger are listed below.

Assisting in picking out outfits. A few times a week, the husband of a blogger is required to assist in picking out outfits for outfit posts. Never before have I been trained in fashion, especially women’s fashion. But, my expertise comes in handy when it comes time for outfit posts.

Never a lack of pictures for social media. Lots of times, regular men struggle to find pictures of their significant other for #WCW or #TBT. A selfie of their significant other may be a little too typical to put on Instagram or Twitter. The husband of a blogger has more than enough pictures to choose from. “Oh, it’s #WCW, let me pick out a picture from 200 pictures that she took this week!” Different outfits, different jewelry options and different shoe options make choosing a picture for #WCW a very fun experience.

Part-time photographer. The husband of a blogger may as well add ‘Semi-Professional Photographer’ to his resume. Taking pictures is no longer as simple as “point” and “shoot”. Once a week, the husband of a blogger throws the camera bag one arm with a bag full of outfit options in the other arm. Thanks to expensive cameras, my sub-par photo taking skills have been complimented by many.

Free food. When was the last time Deidre and I have spent more than $100 of our own money when grocery shopping? Well pretty recently at Costco but that’s because we had no other option than to buy toilet paper, tortillas, chips, cheese and muffins to feed a small army. Besides that, we rarely spend our own money on groceries, and it’s amazing! Campaigns make it so we get to try new foods and new recipes, all while we are getting paid to eat them! It’s one of the best win-win situations I’ve come across.

Trying new things. Many people struggle to find new things to do. The monotony of going to dinner and a movie gets old. Not a blogger and her husband. A few times a month we are trying new restaurants, plays, and other events and getting paid to do it. Just last month we went to a whole-in-the-wall comedy theatre and loved it! Very rarely do we not have new things to try out.

Free clothes. During the offseason, I would open the mailbox, peer inside, and see two packages for Deidre. The next day, I would peer inside and see one more package. And the weeks continued of receiving packages. The best part is what was in the packages. Free clothes! All that has to be done is take a picture and post it on the blog. For most girls, spending money on clothes may come as being the biggest monthly expense. For a blogger, “Buying clothes? Who does that anymore?”

Late night blog sessions. One of the more stressful realities about blogging are the deadlines. Similar to finals week, ‘Blog Crunch Time’ is a thing. Most Sunday nights are spent sitting next to my blogger, supporting her while she frantically creates blog posts for the coming days. I ask if I can help but my expertise are in the wrong industry.

Being the husband of a blogger is no simple task. It requires a skill set only learned through experience. Would you recognize us if you came across us in the street? Probably not. Do you wish you had a wife that was a blogger? Probably yes! And as the days, weeks, and years pass, I will always be the husband of a blogger.

You can check out more of from Deidre and Adam at Deidre Emme.

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