If you are a parent then you know the mealtime struggle is real. I can slice and dice fruit into special shapes, use cute food picks, and put hours into making each meal fun only to have my toddler declare the meal “yucky” and request cereal instead. Or for him to eat one bite and then say “all done”. Anyone else have mealtime battles in your house?


One day my toddler LOVES strawberries and can’t get enough of them…and the next, he won’t even touch them. So that means I’ve got to be flexible and creative at all times. I’ve discovered the key to getting him to eat his lunch: options. Lots and lots of options. Sometimes when the stars aline, my toddler will actually eat real food. Here are a few things that we’ve been loving (sort of) lately.


Homemade applesauce, banana dog bites (recipe here), cheese, raspberries, and carrot sticks. He ate maybe one carrot stick but loved the rest, so I’ll count that as a win!

IMG_7748Sandwiches and anything on a stick are usually a hit so I often whip up a simple turkey with cheese on whole wheat bread, some strawberries, and our new favorite, Snapea Crisps (which are so so so good!).


Yogurt, cheese, brown rice with chicken and black beans, tomatoes from our garden, and strawberries.

And when all else fails, a homemade cookie is never turned down.

How do you get your toddler to eat?

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