Last weekend Alissa, Erin and I traveled to Kansas City, MO to attend the Go Blog Social Conference and let me tell you…we had a blast!


One of the best things about going to conferences is getting to meet the bloggers from our community in person. There were many who I have been able to build a relationship with through emails associated with campaigns, but getting to chat in person…there is nothing like it.


GBS provided such a warm and friendly environment that there were so many new friends made and lots of laughs had. There may have even been some baby back rib eating cause after all, we were in the BBQ capital of the world.


Alissa, one of our Co-Founders and Weave CEO kicked off the conference perfectly with her presentation. One thing she touched on totally resonated with me. We all struggle with trying to keep all aspect of our lives in perfect balance, fit it into a pretty little box with a big red bow. Alissa broke the news that balance is just a myth. There will be times when work demands late nights and longs days, but then a family emergency comes up and everything else in life has to be put on hold. If we can make sure to keep our own cups filled by taking time for ourselves, we will have the energy to take on the demands that come with all those titles we hold…wife, mother, CEO, employee, therapist, boo boo kisser.

Go Blog Social

I loved hearing Kilee talk about how she manages both her blog and her business. It’s so inspiring to see how she has taken a simple product idea and has turned it into a full line of beautifully crafted leather accessories.

lily jade

One of my other favorites was the husband and wife team from Lily Jade. They talked about all the creative ways they work with bloggers and it seriously blew my mind. They are so out of the box when it comes to how they can work with bloggers of all sizes because of these brilliant ideas. Plus, their handbags are just so amazing! I love that they come with a diaper bag insert that can be taken out when you want to go for a baby free outing. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I had a diaper in my purse the entire trip because I just never take the time to go through and clear out all those crazy baby items that I have collected. Lucky for me I actually won one of their bags so…problem solved!


We did manage to find some time to take in a meal or two…or three.


Typical bloggers: must have a photo opp. before we dig in.


Alissa and I racked in 3 state signs while on our trip to Arkansas last month (Arkansas, Missouri & Oklahoma). This trip we took a very brave detour on the way to the airport to find a Kansas sign. I dropped a pin on the map, we followed it and there just happen to be a sign! We have been pretty lucky with the whole pin dropping adventures and we even made it to our flight on time!

K.C. rocked our socks! Can’t wait for the next Weave adventure, where should we head to next?!

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