Deciding which apps to let your kids use can be hard. To help navigate the world of kid appropriate apps we asked our bloggers what apps are a favorite in their home. While we can’t help you decide how long your kiddos should spend on electronic devices each day we can help you find the best apps. From educational apps to must have apps for toddlers our bloggers delivered!

Great Apps for Kidsimage credit

Tynker {Apple / Google} Learn programming with visual code blocks and build your own games. It teaches kids how to code in a fun environment. – Sarah, Technology for Moms

Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase has a great blog post about Android & iPhone Apps Kids Love. Apps that are perfect for family trips. Check it out here!

Kid Mode {Apple / Google} is the best child friendly app on the market. There is no way I would let my kids play on my phone without some kind of protection from buying other apps or posting those embarrassing photos on Facebook. I love it when we are waiting at the store or restaurant. I have a 3 year old, and as 3 year old do, get twitchy if they sit still too long with nothing to do. The best part of Kid Mode is that the app can evolve as your kid gets older with games that have certain age ranges. – James, The Dad Initiative

Sumo Paint {Apple / Google} This is a very easy to use drawing app and so much fun. I got my kid into graphic design programs because of it. She can create paint prints or greeting cards with it. – Cara, Stylish + Geek

Minecraft – Pocket Edition It’s like Legos for today’s generation. They have an infinite amount of creativity which they can use wherever they’re allowed to take a tablet. My son has a Kindle Fire and getting him the $6 Minecraft tablet edition was such a great move because, while he talks about Minecraft non-stop, he’s actively sharing with us something he’s incredibly passionate about, without being “forced” to stare at the computer screen in the living room, being anti-social. He’s always telling us about new things he’s learned to build, how to combine certain elements to make something, how he finally built that one thing he’s been working on for days, and so forth. While it may get a bit tiring hearing all of the chit-chat, it’s great that he’s able – and wants – to share it with us.- Daniel, Fit To Be Dad

What apps are a favorite in your home?

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