25% of a customers online day
is spent on niche content sites

76% of readers trust an endorsement over a traditional ad.

Why Weave?

Weave was founded by a blogger, with the influencer publisher in mind. With the goal to move away from monotony and allow for creativity, Weave gives influencers a hands on experience with brands from purchase to post. Our philosophy is to cultivate a community of online digital publishers who want to weave their voice into experiences with leading brands in the industry. Working with Weave will allow you to reduce all those stressful cold pitch emails, back and forth detail emails, long waits for compensation and allow you to choose which brands you want to talk about, have all the behind the scenes work done for you and receive swift payment upon completion. With a community designed with you in mind, what are you waiting for, find out what makes up a Weave influencer.

Are you Ready to be Woven in?

  • Do you love being present on social media and sharing products and services that you feel others would benefit from too?
  • Do you sit online and wait for people to share your posts with others because the thought excites you?
  • Do people follow you because you share great content and trust you to always know what’s hot and what’s not?
  • Do people rely on you as their go to resource when they need to know where to go, what to do or where to shop?
  • Do you have a passion for blogging and creating community?
  • Do you need to join the latest and greatest social media as soon as it launches, just because?
  • Do you have a desire to weave your own voice into all your content, even with talking about a brand, product or service?

Then Weave Made Media is the perfect community for you.

Become A Weave Influencer

Weave Men

        • Been blogging for 3 months or more
        • Blog 2 or more times per week
        • Have experience with photography and photo styling
        • Limit the ratio of sponsored content (paid, free product(s) given, press releases, reviews, giveaways) vs non-spononsored content on your blog.
        • Limit the use of stock photos / no copy paste content
        • Actively engaged in connecting with your readers on social media and your blog
        • Live in the United States, or on the Canadian border, but have high readership in the US
        • Willing to participate in shops involving a retailer

If you feel your blog would be a good fit for our community, we’d love for you to Apply.

Weave Women

  • Love to connect with your readers on a personal level
  • Have been blogging for 3 or more months and post on a consistent basis
  • Actively engaged on 3 or more social media platforms
  • Have the ability to take clear, bright photos and style them in your posts?
  • Limit the ratio of sponsored content (paid, free product(s) given, press releases, reviews, giveaways) vs non-spononsored content on your blog.
  • Resident in the U.S. or or on the Canadian border, but has a high readership in the US?
  • Able to participate in shops involve shopping in a retailer
  • Generate a minimum of 7,500 page views per month

If you feel your blog would be a good fit for our community, we’d love for you to Apply.

We know there are many different niches/categories that inspire your blogs, here is just a snapshot of some that make up Weave
  • Food
  • Cooking / Recipes
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Gear / Tech
  • Fitness / Health
  • Beauty / Grooming
  • Grooming
  • Beauty
  • Hispanic / Latina
  • Military
  • Mom / Motherhood
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Marriage
  • Dad / Fatherhood
  • Travel
  • Faith
  • Kids
  • Toys
  • Music
  • Book Publishers
  • Home Decor / Interior Design
  • Design / DIY
  • Entertaining / Party Planning
  • Restaurant
  • Organic / Eco / Natural / Green Living
  • Home Improvement
  • Pets
  • Home / Garden
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Liquor / Wine
  • Outdoor
  • Gaming

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