We are unlike traditional advertising.

Only 14% of people trust advertisements over peer recommendations.

By The Numbers


Women say a promotion or brand mention by a blogger influences their purchasing decision


Men who use their mobile device to get product information while in a store


American military spouses across the globe that are women


Increase in the Hispanic population, in the United States, over the past decade


Married men who shop for groceries and household supplies more than their spouses

Our Services

WEAVE Made Media is a full service agency created with you, the marketer, brand, retailer and agency in mind. Comprised of the industries leading male and female publishers, we are able to create targeted, high quality, user generated content at scale that can be leveraged by the brand long after the campaign has ended. Weave’s purposeful inclusion of men/dads, women/moms, hispanic/latina, military and many other niches of publishers allows us to create content that targets your core consumer. Weave provides a media mix of social media content, peer recommendation from highly influential bloggers, PR, shopper marketing, SEO & digital marketing value all at the same time.

Weave focuses on both region and national, retail specific programs which includes showing the path to purchase at online retailers and traditional brick and mortar stores. Shopper marketing specific programs target Grocery, Mass, Drug, Dollar, Club, Convenience, Natural/Specialty, Home Improvement, Military, Foodservice & Emerging Channels for our CPG clients. We bring your conversations outside the doors and into the homes of both current and new consumers. There is no better way to humanize your brand’s story.

We activate these campaigns by identifying and leveraging influencers who have your target audiences captive and highly engaged through their subscriber bases, to weave your brand into their conversations. We like to say facts tell and stories sell. We’ve created a science to what we do for our clients that spans from a 20 point metric system for curation and vetting bloggers into the community to our own social intelligence platform, which allows us to measure, track, monitor and comply with FTC guidelines.

Weave is not an Ad Network, affiliate marketing, celebrity or product placement, event planning or corporate PR firm. What we are is your brands ignition strategy. The solution to helping spread your brands message through word of mouth marketing and brand awareness. Our team partners with your marketing or brand managers as well as Ad and PR agencies to tailor a content marketing strategy that is going to help propel your brand and result in millions of impressions by the completion of your campaign.

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Content Marketing

The curation of a tailored message, created by a group influencers, that will reach millions of consumers in your target market

Twitter Parties

One hour of content focused around your brand, hosted by members of the Weave team, with the sole goal of generating millions of impressions and driving a call to action. These parties have trended between #1-#5 in the nation in just one hour of conversation.

Focus Groups

The ability to reach consumers at the ground level to gain insights and opinions needed to take your brand to the next level through the use of the right group of women or men you\’re targeting.

Pinspiration Campaigns

A campaign focused around taking your brand and incorporating it into consumers everyday lives through the use of photo collages and pinboards.


Campaigns focused around bringing light to your brand or product through the use of a visual social media resource that allows consumers to feel connected in an authentic way throughout the path to purchase.


With 48 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, use vloggers to propel your marketing strategy, share your story and bring your product to life.

What People Say About Weave

“The team at Weave was able to help ProYo through a focus group take a traditionally female targeted product “Frozen Yogurt” and help integrate a male look and feel.

With their teams feedback of our preliminary packaging we were able to create a category changer for leading the man-fluence shopper craze while still maintaining a healthy balance with the female consumer.”

– Nathan Carey Founder, President


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