I’m heading up to Utah this weekend for SNAP Conference, which has me scrambling for ideas of what to pack. I’ve got the boots and sweater game covered, but spring has got me a little stumped. I turned to my pocket stylist aka: Pinterest for some inspiration and now I’ve got a plan! Let’s talk strategy, shall we?

1. Work with what you’ve got!

mint and dots

I have a pair of mint jeans that I love and this link has a ton of ideas on how to pair them for a perfectly pastel look.

2. Maxi skirts are the new “jeans”


Maxi skirts are so easy to wear, they flatter any body type and let’s face it…you can eat all you want when wearing them cause: elastic waist band! Throw on a vintage tee and some sandals or chucks and you are ready to roll.

3. Chambray + White + Sneakers = Classic

No. 213 - Grap your keys ..and out of the door

This one is pretty self explanatory. I mean how could you go wrong with this combo…unless you are surrounded by toddlers with fudgsicles. Then maybe lose the white pants, but in all other scenarios go with white. And all that no white after labor day mumbo jumbo is crap, rock em if you got em.

4. Floral isn’t just for grandma’s couch upholstery

Spring Style with Charming Charlie

Floral is back this season and in a big way. Nothing says spring like a light and sheer top adorn with blooms. Throw a blazer on with this bad boy for a business casual look or pair it with your favorite chunky knit cardigan. The pattern makes it perfect for any look.

Now that I’ve got an idea of what I will be wearing, let’s hear about your go to conference attire!

xo, Summer

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