Happy New Year! Here at Weave, we can’t believe how fast 2014 flew by! Before jetting off to another fantastic and successful year, we wanted to share with you some great campaigns from 2014 that our community took part in!

As some of you know, Weave Made Media was established in April of 2014. We stand tall with support from our sister company Pollinate Media, the co-founders, Alissa and Kyle Circle, our amazing Team and our incredible bloggers (men and women!)

Let’s take a glimpse back into 2014 with some of the Campaigns we launched. We love how with each campaign, the bloggers who participated really add in their personal story to create an authentic yet relatable post to their readers, all while still giving great focus to the brand/client. (Just reason #2,759 why our bloggers rock!)

Kicking it off with our very first campaign here at Weave, LIFEWAY KEFIR! This campaign was launched around Mother’s Day, and we were able to see how Mom’s in our community used Lifeway Kefir in their everyday or with their children. We also invited them to share tips, tricks or advice on parenting if they liked.

Vessel Handmade shared her struggles and joys being a mother with this post. She also wove in the importance of feeding Lifeway Kefir to her children as it provides them with a probiotic. This post was a wonderful story about a down to earth Mom, just doing her duties. High Five Vessel Handmade, we enjoyed your relatable story!

Our Klondike Kandy Bar Campaign was pretty sweet! I think it’s safe to say, having to get paid to eat and talk about Klondike Kandy Bars is a Win Win in anyone’s book!

We adored seeing how these Kandy Bars created smiles throughout the communities. This great photo comes from Hudson Crider who blogs over at Hudson and Emily. He decided to take a much needed break in his road trip with a stop to grab some grubbing Klondike Kandy Bars. Boy are we glad he did, look at that great photo! His post was fun, creative and sweet!

Here at Weave, we are all about routine. This next campaign wanted to see the same thing! Smithfield  Pork was looking for bloggers to create a Back To School, get back into the routine – recipe! Grab your forks, and get ready to dig in.. Wow were these recipes amazing, quick and spot on!

Keys to Cucina created this delicious pork tenderloin with creamy green onion and mustard sauce. I told you guys to grab your forks, I wasn’t joking! She mentioned in her post, this was an easy go-to meal for her to create. (bet you all will be heading over to her blog to get the recipe, right? I know I am)

We ordered some bloggers to take some “Me Time” and indulged in a sweet escape with a People or Sunset magazine and Hershey’s Chocolate. They took the orders and boy did they deliver some amazing posts.

Pink Wings wrote about her sweet mom, who is always doing things for others. She wanted to give her mom some much deserved “Me Time” (talk about sweet!!) While going home for the holidays, she gave her mom a wonderful, relaxing me-time moment. We loved how she captured this moment, so so sweet!

Did you know that Weave also offers exclusive campaigns to our Hispanic and Latina community members? This is true! Barilla Pasta was asking for bloggers in this community to create inspirational dish from hispanic and latin flavors. My mouth is watering…

A Simple Pantry  created this One Pot Enchilada Pasta, Oh My! The photo itself is amazing, as is A Simple Pantry, but dang can this girl whip up some grub! Using Barilla Pasta, she was able to spin some hispanic flair in this dish and boy did my finger go straight to the “pin it” button!

As you can see, we had some fun, delicious and inspiring campaigns here at Weave Made last year. We have so much more in store as we embark 2015. We thank each community member for being here, and of course welcome anyone to apply if you would like to be a part of Weave Made Media!


The Weave Made Team


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