We love stories that pull at the heart strings.  Emotion is a great way to capture a person and make them a staple member of your audience.  Whether you are a  brand or a blogger getting personal is a great way to let your audience know who you really are and keep your readers coming back. We whole heartily believe human connection is what gets people coming back.

When we first saw this “The Best First Date” video we ran and grabbed a box of tissues, texted it to all of our friends and then shared it on every social media platform we could.  Clearly everyone else who watched the video did the same thing because it’s been viewed more than 8.8 million times!

After we sent the video to everyone and their brother we turned to our male blogger community to see how many dads had taken their daughter out on a father daughter date. We love this idea and we imagined that our amazing dad bloggers would have great stories to tell. Boy were we right.


The Rock Father's Daddy Daughter Dance

The Rock Father wrote a great post about taking his oldest Princess to her first Daddy/Daughter Dance, the “Anna & Elsa’s Fabulously Frozen Ball.”  When you go to a Frozen Ball one must have the appropriate outfit and matching corsage.  James shares all the details he made happen so his Princess felt extra Princess-y on her special day.


A Geeky Dad: Dad and kids date to celebrate Batman Day

Tim from A Geek Daddy blocked a day off work to celebrate Batman’s Birthday with his kids.  Ditching working to geek out with your kiddos, yes please!  Tim shared with his readers a day of filled with fun that included Batman slushies from Sonic.  A day his kiddos are sure to remember forever and look back on when they are older.


Daddy Dates with FunAwesome!

Micah from FunAwesome! celebrates his birthday every year by going out on date with each of his kids. He gets to have one on one time with each kid and has a great memory of each birthday.  Micah went on 4 dates {yes, 4!!} on his birthday and record bits of each one.  So fun, and 3 yr old’s first pedicure, adorable!

Do you have a Daddy Daughter Date blog post you’d like to share with our community, leave a link in the comments or tweet it to us at @weavemade.

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